There are a lot of changes in this board compared to the last build including a 3D printed enclosure and dual motor configuration. Coupled with a 12s Lipo battery, this board is complete overkill and I rarely push it above half throttle in fear of my safety. This board is a blast to ride for recreational purposes, but lacks the durability and range for legitimate transportation. I own a car and a bike, so I rarely use an E-board for transportation because of crowded and poorly maintained roads in the city. With Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv motors, a 12s LiPo configuration, and 97mm wheels, online wheel speed calculators result in a max speed of 38 mph. Wheel speed calculators assume lithium ion cells for power and not the high voltage lithium polymer cells used in this build, so Iā€™m going to assume this is a 40 mph capable E-board.



Instead of using a battery management circuit for charging, the four 3s lipos were wired to two 6s balancing leads for charging with a standard lipo charger. With only 5000 mah in battery capacity, this board is designed more for speed and acceleration than endurance.


A basic anti-spark system was implemented for the XT-90 jumper. This is a must considering the connectors will not handle the spark created from the high voltage.


Two TPU flex spacers were utilized to compensate for the flex in the board deck, these proved to work great and were definitely necessary considering I weigh nearly 200 lbs. TPU seals were also implemented between the enclosure and deck for a better fit.


And just for sh@ts and giggles, I had to add a switchable LED strip on the bottom.